Boat Storage

Boat Storage

Storage will be allocated by the AWYC Committee Storage Rep on an annual basis (1st July – 30th June). Boat storage is only available to registered Sailing Members (not Social). A Storage Permit will be issued and is required to be displayed on your trailer / trolley.

Your requirement for storage will be noted on the online membership application / renewal. If you held a storage bay last season (and are happy to remain in the same bay) then you can renew your storage application and pay as part of your membership renewal.

If applying for storage for the first time, wishing to move locations, or applying for multiple boats you will be sent an email once a suitable storage bay has been identified. The email will contain a link to go online and complete and pay for your storage application. Payment must be made for a space to be allocated and a permit issued. 

Procedure for allocating storage
Continuation of storage each year is not guaranteed. 
Storage will be allocated based on the following priorities (taken in order from 1 to 7).

  1. Is the applicant a current financial sailing member?
  2. Is a storage space currently available?
  3. Is this a continuation of storage allocation from the previous year?
  4. Have all previous storage fees been paid in full?
  5. Is the boat insured? (For the benefit of boat owners and other sailors AWYC recommends all boats should carry $5,000,000 third party liability insurance as a minimum.)    
  6. Has the member been actively involved in club administration or sailing activities?
  7. Has the boat been regularly used (racing and/or recreational)?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then other new applications for storage will be considered as a priority.

Storage locations and fees for 2023 - 2024

Storage Area Adult  

Juniors U/18

& Students

(Full Time 18-24)


West Side
includes all of the outside bays to the west of the club house
 $235  $117
East Side
includes all outside bays to the east of the toilet block
 $150  $78
Lower undercover (floor)
is the area inside the west end of the club house
 $260  $130
Lower undercover (rack)
is the two levels of racking in the area inside the west end of the club house
 N/A  $85
Upper undercover (floor)
is the storage opposite the toilets at ground level
 $235  $120
Upper undercover (rack)
is the storage opposite the toilets in the racks (for small boats only)
 $130  $85
Sailboards (SB)
Upper undercover rack
 $68  $36

Note: Boats stored on the foreshore will be allocated a bay and invoiced as such. 

There is no free storage on the foreshore.

Terms and Conditions of issue
a) Boats will be stored in the designated space only, not on roadways.
b) Tenure of storage space is not guaranteed, but if there are spaces available existing storage
arrangements will continue on the condition that the above listed procedures have been met.
c) Should the requests for storage exceed the number of available spaces, storage will then
be allocated based on priority in accordance to the allocating procedure (listed above).
d) Members are not to swap or move bays without the authority of the Storage Rep.
e) If your boat is sold, the space cannot be sold as part of the package. A pro-rata refund of storage
amounts paid can be arranged upon written request to the AWYC Committee.
f) The boat owner is to maintain the weeds and general area under and around the storage space
allocated. The space is to be kept in a neat and tidy condition at all times.
g) The AWYC Committee may shift the boat to another area for any reason. Generally, the
owner will be advised prior to moving; however, this may not always be the case.
h) The AWYC Committee and members accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to the boat
or any equipment associated with it.
i) The AWYC Committee reserves the right to revoke this agreement if the terms and
conditions listed above are not being met.

Any questions about storage or requests for additional boats can be directed to the AWYC Storage Rep